Saffron with Gold

Saffron with gold


0,66 g


Saffron with gold – 23 carat gold flakes

The history of gold as a supplement for nutrition

Oriental civilisations, such as Japan, have used gold for centuries for the purposes it still does today, for example, for refining drinks, in gastronomic creations and delicious pastries.

European nobles decorated their food with gold in the 16th century, such as bread, oysters, quails and carp, on the occasion of banquets and weddings.

Extravagant and innovative

The extravagant and innovative packing of ‘Golden Saffron’ makes it possible to use it on all kinds of occasions, to complement cocktails and drinks, to garnish all kinds of dishes, from appetizers to desserts…

Cannot ignore it

Once you have tasted our ‘Golden Saffron’, you will feel the taste of joy and will understand why we have decided to unite the two ‘kings’.